What are the top artificial intelligence companies to invest in?


I want to allocate a certain amount of my portfolio to artificial intelligence…

Does anyone have any ideas?

Investing in robotics 2018 - what strategies should I use?

I have been reading a lot of good things about NVidia…

In Fact, NVidia has done far better than most of the FAANGS in 2015. Actually they are all customers of NVidia.

They said that NVidia was attractive for a number of reasons:

• Owned 10,000 patents

• Invented GPU

• Own high performance computers, e.g. ai, , virtual reality and autonomous cars…

• Leader in video game graphics semi-conductors, a growth market in which it is the leader

This is what Crescat’s team had to say:

It’s definitely worth a look!


I also had a look at some of the reports by analysts on NVidia and they are unbelievable positive…

“We have underestimated the overall growth materially.” – Morgan Stanley

“NVIDIA faces no competition.” – Raymond James

“NVDA offers leverage to the most interesting areas of tech, namely Deep Learning/Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality that make the company one of the most interesting growth stories in semis.” – Evercore

“NVDA product gross margins have expanded from 46.8% to 55.7% over the past four years, which we think signals its shift to a platform supplier from a chip supplier.” – Jefferies

Sign me up!


You need to avoid the hype-train if you want to be successful

And avoid all FAANGS especially…

One stock that keeps coming up is Blue Prism UK - a rarity amongst investors as its a small cap robotics company…

Although even that looks like its been infected by the hype.

The stock had a market cap of £50m in 2016 and now has a marketcap of roughly £1bn!



That’s nearly a 20x increase in value!

It looks interesting, but I fear that it will be mauled by the “robotics” funds like Polar Capital, who only have about five small-cap ai/robotics stocks to choose from!

The real money here is in early stage venture deals for the AI/Machine Learning monsters of tomorrow!