What are the top business books of 2017?


I am looking for a great business read… would anyone be able to recommend anything for me?


I would usually look to the FTs book list to find the best books of 2017…

Here are a few I pulled up…

Janesville: An American Story - Amy Goldstein

Janesville is a look at the human story behding the closing of the General Motors assembly plant in a Wisconsin town. Goldstein tells the story from the perspective of the family members and people affected.

NYT called it a ““Janesville” is eye-opening, important, a diligent work of reportage”


The Next Factory of the World: How Chinese Investment is Reshaping Africa - Irene Yuan sun

Sun looks at the enormous investment from Chinese companies in Africa and writes how Africa could easily become the factory of the world. Sun seeks out entrepreneurs making huge bets on the future and she analyses them to discover what makes them tick…

4/5 rating on good reads. Great choice for hungry investors looking for new opportunities…


The Spider Network - David Enrich, WH Allen

A gripping story of the traders, executives, regulators and laywers embroiled in interest-rate rigging. Shortlisted for the FT and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award.

4.1 on good reads


A Man For All Markets - Edward Thorp

A maths prodigy who took on the the world of edge funds and investments, where he was christened “the godfather of quants”…

41 good reads!