What Are Your Thoughts On Investing In Artificial Intelligence?


China is moving into ai, Mark Cuban is telling us to move into ai and now Tony Robbins is telling is to move into ai…

What does everyone think?


Right, I saw that thing about Tony Robbins:

Quote from article:

“In today’s changing world of consumer preference, AI is the fundamental building block for how future businesses will run, interact with customers and implement new systems and innovations,”

Robbins said in a statement provided to Entrepreneur.

“AI is the key to making every business decision both more informed and intelligent. It would be foolish to not capitalize on an opportunity to help create the future and drive even better business decisions through this technology.”

Whenever I hear something as generic as that, I hear one thing - avoid.

I think ML and AI have become these enormous buzzwords and people aren’t even sure what they mean any more. Quotes like this remind me of that famous investing quote:

“What the wiseman does in the beginning, the fool does in the end:”

I’m not an expert in AI, but my impression from reading about it is that these rapid changes in productivity will happen over 20-40 years. I think the media are pitching that we are going to be automated almost instantly…

And this idea that you can but into AI company and suddenly cash in is ludicrous…

Hype Bubble
AI really looks like it is the next bitcoin. VCs are now pouring their cash into AI and pushing the hype cycle to new heights.

A report by PWC and Money Tree reports that the bubble is already excessive:

I don’t doubt power of AI, I just wonder whether hype meets reality. I think we could have a situation where money is poured into AI now, the hype cycle dies out and then AI becomes life-changing years later.

In other words, it follows the same trajectory as the internet…