What has been your most effective marketing strategy?


What has been your most effective marketing strategy?


• Reddit. I launched a couple of accounts and a had a lot of luck posting different types of content. I would say you should focus on the biggest sub-reddits and post content that’s extremely relevant, or has performed well on the sub-reddit before. It can work really well and it can be gimmicky. Do not use reddit as your only strategy though, that’s what I would say…

• Niche facebook groups work wonders as well. Ask nicely if people within the group would find the product useful…

• I have had some luck with IH, Hacker News, Dribble etc…

I still believe that the most effective marketing strategy will always be the product. The product has to be absolutely amazing. If it is, it takes the burden off everyone else significantly…


Advertising and marketing these days is all about utility. Old advertising is essentially “buy this - it’s really cool”, new advertising does something for use.

• It can entertain, like Dollar Shave Club’s goofy ad…

• It can improve out lives - Appstores rankings, or Amazon’s “Customers who bought this…”. ALl marketing provides value on some level.

So instead of just producing mind-numbing facebook marketing, why not:

-provide a tool that your users might. e.g. a reddit market site might promote a tool which shows the best time to post on reddit!

Think utility. That’s the most effective marketing tool there is today!


Also, I willa dd email marketing to this list. Email marketing is incredibly powerful and very often its under-utilised!

Attract traffic to your website, collect their emails and then sell them stuff!