What is the best stock market book of all time?


I am just beginning investing…

what is the best stock market book of all time?


The Intelligent Investor - Ben Graham. Probably the best book ever written on investing.


The Little Book Of Common Sense Investing - John Bogle. This book is the leading book on index fund investing. It’s founder is now head of a fund worth $5 trillion. He must be doing something right.


Common Stocks Uncommon Profits - Philip A. Fisher. This is probably my favourite book on investing. It looks at the stock market from a long-term perspective and gives important but common sense advice to investors. Great book. 10/10.


The Big Short - Michael Lewis. True story about how a doctor who opened a hedge fund after starting an investing forum online. Two years after opening the fund, Burry realises that the housing market will collapse and so he places an billion dollar bet against it.

Burry is a true value investor. He is a disciple of Ben Graham. He is similar to Buffett in that he he applies Graham value principles in obscure ways to generate mega-returns. An investing classic. Would highly recommend!


Essays Of Warren Buffett - Lawrence A. Cunningham. This book shines a clearer light on Buffett’s investing style and his choices as laid out in his annual letter. Buffett has a gift for making boring and complicated matters funny and simple. This definitely comes through in the book. Behind the silliness and the folksy tone, this is an incredible insight into the mind of one of the world’s richest men. An absolute pleasure to read. 10/10/