What is the future of marketing 2018


What is the future of marketing? Are we all just going to be automated out of it?



There are a few ways marketing automation, ml and ai are going to be used today!

• making operations more efficient - this means making the everyday processes work more efficiently…

• new opportunities - helping uncover an audience segment within your current stack

• lifting revenue

• optimising marketing spend - unemploying corporate drones1

Lets look at some specific examples!

• looking at data and automating how you target at the best possible times. For example, workers in Dublin might be emailed at 8 rather than 9 because that’s the culture there…

• know when to target people so they are more likely to buy things!

the cool thing about ml is that the entire marketing eco system can essentially be a gigantic test. Once the programme finds flaws or hidden things, it can automate its response!

With ml, the programme will test multiple outcomes, roll out the different tests and then implement the best solutions!