What To Ask A Venture Capitalist?


Myself and my team are meeting venture capitalists tomorrow and we want to know what sort of questions should we be asking them!


• The role that stress plays
Building start-up companies is clearly a stressful job. No one is doubting that. But you ned to make sure your VC can keep a cool head and deal with the fact that you might have lost all his money!

• The other ceos
Find out about the investments that didn’t go while - how did the CEOs act and how did the VC act? If you are being real, there is a high chance you will be in this situation.

If you can meet the CEOs who worked with the VC previously that would be even better!

• Cash for a follow-on investment
do the VCs have the cash to do a follow on investment? This is absolutely crucial. You want to find someone who can double down on an investment if things aren’t looking great, but the idea still has wings!

• How can they handle very specific questions
If you are hiring the VCs for their financial prowess, especially in your space, you want to know that they cut the mustard!

ask them very specific questions and see hiow they handle things. .e.g My ceo and director of finance can’t agree on a product roadmap - how can we resolve this?